Our Mission

CLICK’s mission is to engage the community by raising funds for programs that support inner city kids so they can succeed.

Who We Are – A CLICK Fact Sheet

  • CLICK (Contributing to Lives of Inner City Kids) is a community-based, charitable foundation that was launched in March, 2004 to help Vancouver’s inner city children.
  • CLICK’s objective is to raise funds for community programs and services that support inner city children and youth in Vancouver; and to raise awareness of the needs of inner city children
  • Since 2004, CLICK has raised almost $500,000 and directed it to over 350 different programs that support inner city children and youth in Vancouver
  • CLICK funds existing programs that meet the basic needs, develops critical skills, and provide access to activities for Vancouver children. CLICK funds programs in the following areas: food programs; out-of-school care; literacy; sports and recreation; and arts and culture

British Columbia child poverty statistics*

  • 1 in 5 children in British Columbia are growing up in poverty
  • British Columbia has the second-highest poverty rate in the country and is the only province without a poverty reduction plan
  • 20.4% of British Columbia’s children aged 0-17 live below the poverty line
  • Over half (51%) of BC’s poor children lived in Metro Vancouver in 2016 (82,960)*

*Data from Statistics Canada, 2013; First Call, 2015/16 Child Poverty BC Report Card, Long Overdue: Why B.C. Needs a Poverty Reduction Plan


CLICK’s Fall 2016 Newsletter

From its beginnings, the goal of Vancouver’s MISCELLANEOUS Productions has been to give young people a chance to take part in high-quality theatre. Established in 2000 by Elaine Carol and Jules Rochielle, the company has mounted numerous productions involving youth...