How do I apply?
If you are a registered charity and you conduct programs for children and youth in the inner city, you can apply for financial support from CLICK. Complete the application form at the bottom of the page.

When does CLICK offer grants?
There are two grant cycles annually – Spring and Fall

When is the deadline for grant applications?
Spring cycle: Complete applications must be submitted on or before March 31st.
Fall cycle: Complete applications must be submitted on or before October 31st.

Does my organization qualify?
The organization must be not-for-profit and must have a registered charitable number from CRA.
The program or activity for which the funds are sought must fall within CLICK’s criteria of access, skills and safety:
Access: the requested funding will contribute to ensuring the program or activity is available to and accessible by inner city children or youth in that the funding will mitigate any obstacles created by fees, equipment needs, transportation or other expenses or requirements.
Skills: the program or activity offers an opportunity for inner city children or youth to gain skills in areas such as the arts, sports, leadership, health, literacy, etc.
Safety: the program or activity offers a safe environment for inner city children or youth.
The program or activity must target Vancouver’s inner city children or youth.

All applicants will be notified about the status of their application as soon as possible after the Board of Directors approves the grants.
Successful applicants will receive a letter enclosing the approved grant funds as well as a Final Report form which must be completed within 3 months of receipt of funds.

What do I do after my organization receives the funds?
CLICK will send you a form called a “Final Report” to be completed and returned to us within 3 months of completion of the activity or program. We ask that you return this form along with photographs, reports, or short anecdotes/comments from participants about the activity or program that capture the value of the experience for the children or youth.CLICK tries to capture information about funded programs so that donors can see the impact of their donation dollars on children and youth in need of support. We appreciate your support in providing this information.

CLICK Grant Final Report – PDF

What if I have questions?
Call us anytime at 604-713-8273 or email us at and we will answer any questions you have.

Please Note*
Upon completion of the form you will received a confirmation message along with an email to confirm the application was received.

Organization Legal Name:*
Application Date:*
Activity Program Description*
Amount Requested from CLICK:*
Total Budget Amount:*
Number of children/youth benfiting from funding:*
Number of hours each child/youth participates in the program:*
Primary Contact Person:*
Primary Contact Title:
Applicant Address: *
Website URL:
Registered Business/Charity Number:*
BC Society Number:
Is this application being sponsored and/or funded by another organization?*
Name of sponsoring organization:
Please describe your explanation of need:*
Please provide a budget of your program (ie. revenue an expenses):*
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CLICK’s Fall 2016 Newsletter

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