Want to volunteer with a passionate, highly committed community board?

CLICK (Contributing to Lives of Inner City Kids) is a grassroots Vancouver charitable foundation seeking two volunteers:
1. Communications Lead
2. Social Media Manager

CLICK is a dynamic, community-based charitable foundation, led by a totally volunteer board, that raises funds for programs that provide critical support to children and youth living in poverty in Vancouver.

Communications Lead:

We are seeking a communications professional with at least two-three years of communications/public relations experience who can lead and manage communications for CLICK. This individual will:

  • Develop an overall strategic communications plan for CLICK and for the annual Inner City Kids Week that CLICK leads (in the second week of May)
  • Execute communications plans with other creative and content providers
  • Manage CLICK’s communications (e.g. website, print materials, social media) so that they are consistent, coherent and effective
  • Handle media relations, particularly for the run-up to Inner City Kids Week starting in March-April
  • Generate/write some of the communications materials needed by CLICK

Social Media Manager:

  • Have social media experience to manage CLICK’s Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube profiles
  • Manage all social media accounts, including creating a content calendar
  • Generate consistent posts on a weekly basis
  • Manage engagement and grow followers across all platforms
  • Understand basic analytics as part of reporting progress to CLICK board

Note: We are seeking volunteers who can commit at least 1-2 years to these roles and are excited about using their own ideas and initiatives to make a difference for kids in need in Vancouver!
Interested? Please contact Catherine Atyeo at: catyeo@telus.net